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Formerly KHTA


The Kansas Association of Historians will host its 81st annual meeting at the Eisenhower Center, Abilene, Kansas, April 13 & 14, 2007.

Download the Program, Schedule, Registration Form, and Directions.

If you are interested in being a presenter of a paper or a panel,
please submit a one-page abstract on or before

January 29, 2007

All themes and topics in fields related to teaching, education, history,
literature, or any other discipline are welcome.

Please send proposals, electronically or otherwise, to:

Dr. Isaias J. McCaffery
Chair, Humanities & Social Science Division
Independence Community College
1057 W. College Avenue
Independence, KS 67301


Formerly KHTA


The Kansas Association of Historians announces competition for the best scholarly
papers in the field of history written by students at Kansas colleges and universities during
calendar year 2006. Papers written during the Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter interim academic
sessions are eligible for consideration.

The $125 awards are offered for the best papers in one graduate and two undergraduate
categories. A $50 travel stipend to attend and present at the annual meeting will be made.
Presenters will not be required to pay the meeting registration fee. In addition, the graduate
winner will receive a one year’s subscription to Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains.
Papers should not exceed 30 double-spaced pages in length. The two undergraduate categories

Category I
Papers produced in seminars or other similar semester-long courses in which
production of a paper is the principal object.

Category II
Papers produced as one of several important activities that constitute a course.

The committee reserves the right not to make an award in any category if no worthy paper
is submitted.

The winning papers will be presented at the 2007 annual meeting of the KAH in Abilene,
Kansas, April 13 and 14.

The committee asks instructors making recommendations to send three copies of the paper
along with a cover letter from the professor to:

Dr. Isaias J. McCaffery
Chair, Humanities & Social Science Division
Independence Community College
1057 W. College Avenue
Independence, KS 67301

For undergraduate papers, this letter should clearly indicate the category entered.

NOTE: Papers will not be considered unless three copies are provided.

The papers will be distributed to the awards committee. Except in extraordinary
circumstances, the committee asks that no more than one paper in each category be
submitted by the same instructor. To be considered, papers must be received by
Kansas Day, January 29, 2007.


Learning Through Engagement

2007 KHTA Meeting – Abilene

Pre-Conference Workshop:

Up to 31 conference attendees may participate in an abbreviated version of the Eisenhower Library’s new experiential learning program: FIVE STAR LEADERS.
Participants will take on the roles of actual D-Day planners and commanders, tasked with making the monumental D-Day decision. Using actual Operation Overlord documents from the holdings of the Eisenhower Library, participants work in planning teams, immersed in the final weeks leading up to one of the most difficult decisions of the twentieth century.

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Registration Cost: $10

NOTE: The workshop will require at least 15 participants.

Previous Conferences

Kansas History Teachers’ Association 80th Annual Conference
Bethany College
Lindsborg, KS March 31-April 1, 2006

The KHTA meets annually every spring to bring together teachers, scholars, students, and others interested in promoting history. The KHTA conferences offer a unique opportunity for contact and communication across schools, colleges, and universities. They also provide a forum for college students to present research papers and receive cash prizes.

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